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TikTok slang words you need to know – from accountant to heather and 4lifers

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TikTok is not the first social media platform where new slang terms have been created. Over the years, the likes of MySpace, Bebo, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have given users new and memorable slang terms that have become a part of our everyday vocabulary.

From 'lol' to 'yolo', the English language has changed numerous times in the age of the internet and social media, with some words now having different meanings from their original definition.Here's everything you need to know about TikTok slang words.AccountantThe term accountant may have a regular everyday meaning which is associated with mathematics, but TikTok users are not hinting at numbers when they use the phrase on the site.On the platform, accountant is a codeword for a sex worker.

The term is used for those who work in pornography, as sugar babies and those who publish content on OnlyFans.The TikTok meaning began after a sound by user @rockysroad went viral where the actor stated that he calls himself an "accountant" instead of telling people what he does for a living.BBLBBL stands for Brazillian Bum Lift, a form of surgery where a doctor transfers fat from your abdomen, hips, lower back, or thighs to your buttocks.The term has been used by TikTok users as they share their body transformations on the site calling it 'the BBL effect'.Bussin'Bussin' is used frequently on the platform to describe something as really good.CheugyCheugy is a form of Gen-Z slang that is used to describe something as outdated or tacky.Caught in 4KIf you were to 'catch someone in 4K', that means a reaction has been captured on camera.DCDC, which stands for dance credits, is often used in TikTok captions to give credit to a creator.DNIDNI stands for do not interact and is often.

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