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The one item that will instantly lift your weekend look

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mid-noughties it didn’t matter because they had become like jeans, trench coats or white shirts – not so much a trend as an indispensable category.

But then they disappeared. Not, I think, because we fell out of love with them, but because brands decided they’d better do something new – this was the era of fast, faster, fastest fashion – and when the knitted jackets we owned got tatty, moth-bitten or so baggy our nearest and dearest had to take us aside, there was nothing to replace them with.

Then we more or less forgot about them, distracted by shinier, more novel knitwear such as boyfriend cardigans, trophy jumpers and tanks.The last couple of years, however, I’ve had a hankering for one, especially when I want to feel I’m wearing trackies, without actually resorting to them.

I love a blazer, but sometimes, proportionally, you want something a little shorter with a more relaxed, deconstructed feeling.

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