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The Daily Wire Plans “Most Ambitious” Project To Date With Arthurian Fantasy Series ‘The Pendragon Cycle’

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Conservative media firm The Daily Wire has optioned exclusive film and TV series rights to develop and produce an adaptation of Arthurian legend novels The Pendragon Cycle.

According to company co-CEO Jeremy Boreing the adaptation will be the outfit’s “most ambitious” project to date. The fantasy series by Stephen R.

Lawhead is a reimagining of the myth of King Arthur, set not in the Medieval age of knights in shining armor, but in an earlier time — the end of Roman Britain when pagan tribes warred with Saxon and Pict invaders, and with each other, and the idea of a unified Britain was only a dream.

In this tumultuous world Merlin, the son of an Atlantean princess and the bard, Taliesen, pursues his father’s vision of a Kingdom of Summer — a Britain unified in peace.

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