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The Chase turns tense as quizzer offers to ‘slam dunk’ Bradley Walsh minutes into show

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The Chase turns tense as on eager contestant offers to slam dunk Bradley Walsh minutes into the hugely popular game show. During Friday’s visit to the beloved ITV studios, the former Coronation Street star welcomed four new players onto the show in an effort to take home the cash prize.

This week the ITV host welcomed Joyce, Shivani, Andy and Steve onto the show to put their general knowledge to the test as they took on the Jenny ‘The Vixen’ Ryan.READ MORE:But things soon turned sour on set after professional wrestler Steve offered to showcase his winning moves on the games host.As Bradders welcomed the pro sportsman onto the show, he couldn’t help but ask about the contestant’s job away from the studios.

Steve went on to reveal that he works as a wrestler in his spare time and performs under the stage name Noah JeremySteve confessed: "In my spare time I'm a wrestler so the bad guy persona is Noah Jeremy, it's good fun." It was at this point that the TV host asked what some of his favourite wrestling holds are in the ring.

The contestant revealed: "I do one called the J5, it's like up on the shoulders and spinning slam so it's great." As Brad struggled to pick his jaw up off the floor as the muscly star showed off some of his best moves, Steve confidently asked: "Do you want me to show you?"When asked what he would do with the money should he win the nail-biting round, the doting dad confessed he would spend the money on a trip to see the Northern Lights with his son.

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