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The Chase player forced to apologise as Bradley Walsh corrects him in awkward mishap

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The Chase fans saw scientist Cole appear on the show alongside three teammates, Ian, Andrew and Jo. Cole kicked off the show as he told Bradley Walsh all about his career and his hobbies as he spilled on his job as a biologist and his joy for playing golf.

As they geared up to start the questions, Bradley asked Cole if there was anybody he particularly wanted to take on - to which he confessed he would love to try and go up against Darragh Ennis.

After getting six correct answers Bradley asked him the age-old question as Cole immediately responded: "Darragh, he's a scientist, I'm a scientist.

Hopefully what he doesn't know I won't know."Bradley nodded and said: "It's Darragh not Darr-rah, if it is him," prompting Cole to add: "That's going to be awkward." Joy sprung over Cole's face as Darragh walked out as Bradley introduced him as "Darrah The Ennis Mennis." As Darragh walked out and said hello to the contestant, Cole responded: "I can only apologise," prompting the quizzer to tease him on his pronunciations.

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