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'Upper class twit' John Cleese furiously slams Jacob Rees-Mogg over taxpayer's money

This is not the first time that the Fawlty Towers actor has expressed his anti-conservative party views. In April, John expressed his anger after the Tory government were reportedly told to avoid pursuing an inquiry into Boris Johnson breaking Covid rules. He typed: “An utterly cynical manoeuvre to undermine the Rule of Law.”In response, his fans shared their thoughts on the divisive matter.@ReekOShame replied: “Not cynical.

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Emily Maitlis apologises over retweeting criticism of Nadine Dorries amid impartiality row
BBC journalist Emily Maitlis had to apologise on Twitter today after retweeting an attack on a Conservative minister that risked compromising the impartiality that she is asked to maintain as part of her job.The tweet in question was critical both of the Conservative party and of Nadine Dorries during a recent interview with Channel 4.However, some of Emily’s followers have questioned the sincerity of her apology, given that she retweeted the original post whilst saying sorry for her first retweet.Emily, 51, first retweeted former Tory minister and outspoken critic of Boris Johnson, Rory Stewart.Rory, 49, himself had retweeted another user called Jay J, who shared a clip of Channel 4's interview with Nadine, 64.In the first tweet, Jay had written: “Another Nadine Dorries interview to file under the car crash genre.”Sharing the video via Jay’s account, Rory added a caption reading: “The sheer tawdry Trumpian shabbiness of the whole thing - it is difficult to see how much more of this the party or our political system can survive.”Retweeting this post once more after deleting her previous retweet earlier this afternoon, Emily apologised to her 446,500 followers.“I have deleted my earlier retweet of the below and would like to apologise for the hurt I have caused,” she stated.In a follow-up tweet, she clarified: “For the avoidance of doubt I accept I should have added extra context - it was retweeted in haste - and was wrong to do.” Underneath the tweet, Twitter users seemed largely amused by Emily’s apology.Steven Battelle pointed out: “Fantastic skills in apologising while still retweeting, no apology was needed in the first place.”Raindrop wrote: “The brilliant @maitlis draws even more readers to her heartfelt opinion
'Disgraceful and disrespectful' Rachel Riley hits out at government in wake of #partygate
Boris Johnson is facing mass scrutiny as it has been alleged that Downing Street staff held two parties the night before Prince Philip's funeral - at a time when Covid restrictions banned indoor mixing.Taking to social media, Countdown star Rachel Riley has shared her thoughts on the government’s actions in a scathing tweet.The newest reports of illegal Downing Street parties, first brought to light by The Telegraph, say that the events took place on April 16, 2021, and went on until the early hours.Boris is facing calls to resign from the opposition as well as some senior Tories but has urged MPs to wait for the outcome of an investigation into lockdown gatherings in government buildings by senior civil servant Sue Gray.Taking to Twitter Rachel, 36, shared a video of Sky News presenter Trevor Phillips recalling the death of his own daughter during this period. Rachel tweeted out to her 693,200 followers: “As more and more has trickled out about party after party, the image of the Queen sitting alone at her husband’s funeral, and stories like @TrevorPTweets really put the behaviour of the government into perspective. “Disgraceful and disrespectful spring to mind,” she added.The tweet she shared read: “Trevor Phillips shares his experience during lockdown, when one of his daughters was very ill.“She died not long after the funeral of Prince Philip, when it is alleged that those working for the government met despite Covid rules.”The video clip attached came from Trevor Phillips on Sunday, where the presenter could be seen trying to restrain his emotions as he challenged Oliver Dowden, one of the party’s co-chairs, over whether the prime minister understood public anger over these gatherings.During the interview, Trevor