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‘Stuntman’ Review: Retracing Evel Knievel’s Rocket Trail

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Dennis Harvey Film CriticThe omnipresent Dwayne Johnson provides a short intro to “Stuntman,” the kind in which a celebrity host (in this case also one of the film’s producers) jovially warns us that the acts we’re about to see were performed by trained professionals, and under no circumstances should we “try any of this at home.” That would seem a no-brainer.

Then again, this documentary’s most appreciative viewers will doubtless be little boys and girls (as well as big ones) who can imagine no career more intoxicating than being the person actually executing thrills ’n’ spills that will appear in finished films or TV shows to have been done by stars like the erstwhile Rock.If, in fact, crashing cars and leaping from explosions for a.

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