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Stripper dresses up as Voldemort in strip club for 'spicy' dance routine

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TikTok as @mikifromtheclub, gained more than 4,000 likes when she posted a video of herself getting up on the stage in a long black cape and a mask of the Harry Potter villain, Voldemort.

The 29-year-old, from Perth, Western Australia, then walks forward, throwing away the cape to reveal her lingerie.READ MORE: 'I earn £56k a year "spicy dancing" in strip clubs – and only work two days a week'Miki paraded the skimpy black lingerie she had underneath — paired with a pair of fishnet stockings.Cheers and whistles were heard throughout the club as she strutted towards the poles, pulling some fashion model poses before the clip came to an end.It wasn't clear whether she got up on the pole after the footage stopped – but the video was posted in response to a fan of the woman who has been a "spicy dancer" for eight years.The fan wrote: "I'm just here for the Voldemort costume...

please?? Omg."Miki summed up her performance in the caption, writing: "Honestly, the show was terrible. I was going for funny but it just came off as weird."She added in the comments that she "was drunk" and said: "That one night is like 90% of the embarrassing memories that keep me up at night."However, her followers absolutely loved the quirky vid as they took to the comments praising her for embracing her embarrassment for their entertainment.One user wrote: "The most chaotic night of your life in many ways."Another added: "This 100% is an actual fantasy for Potter fans."A third said: "Well.

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