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‘South Park: Post Covid’ Sneak Peek Sees Future Stan & Randy Up To No Good

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Paramount+ shared a sneak peek clip for its upcoming South Park: Post Covid special event, which debuts on Thanksgiving Thursday, Nov.

25.In the latest look at the Paramount+ special, Stan and dad Randy are still up to no good as their latest antics brings them to a doctor’s office.

After receiving some news from the medical expert, an aged Randy attacks his doctor and encourages adult Stan to kick him in the groin.“Kick his f**king balls so we can go,” Randy instructs his son, who eventually follows through.After the doctor’s down wincing in pain, Stan grabs his keys and the father-son duo exit the office to wreak some more havoc.Per Paramount+, in South Park: Post Covid, viewers will find out the answer to the question: What happened to

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