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Sofia Reyes petitions to put Spanish word in the dictionary

Sofia Reyes is bringing the flavor. The 25-year-old Monterrey, Nuevo native has teamed up with legendary Mexican brewery Estrella Jalisco to introduce the brand’s Tropical Chamoy Michelada.

Boasting a refreshing fruity taste, the lager is a staple on the Mexican brunch menu. Reyes and the company aim to make chamoy known on a global level. “I grew up in Mexico and chamoy is very important to us there,” the singer-songwriter told us.

In fact, the colorful flavor is so infused in the culture that Reyes and Estrella Jalisco cannot believe the word isn’t in the English or Spanish dictionary.The pair have taken matters into their own hands and launched a petition asking Merriam-Webster to add chamoy - and they want fans to help!

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