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Simple £1 hack helps people save 'small fortune' on heating bills

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During the winter season, people will be looking to capture as much heat as they possibly can within their homes - but when it comes to reducing draughts, it seems like a difficult task.The Mirror reports that blasting the heating isn't the way to get rid of a draught, as you'll end up just allowing more warmth to escape your home - in turn spending more money to stay cosy.Due to this, many household owners will be seeking to maximise the heat in their homes, getting rid of draughts while also saving as much money as they can.Sleep experts at Bed Kingdom have highlighted the most handy ways to get the most out of your heating this festive season.A cold draught can be a right pain in any home, as it reduces the efficiency of your heating system - but there are ways to get rid of cold air creeping into your house.For those looking to save money, you can safely use a match or lighter to identify the exact spots where draughts are causing a problem.All you have to do is carefully move the flame around the frames of your windows and doors, so you can highlight the exact area where cold air is escaping into your home.One way to then get rid of these areas is by using cling film to cover them - which costs just £1 from Dunelm.

Other retailers, such as Tesco's and Sainsbury's, will charge more for the product, at around £2 to £3.Draught proofing can help you save around £45 a year on fuel bills, especially if you take a more professional approach.

Bubble wrap and draft excluders also achieve the same result as cling film, as well as sheets of plastic that can protect your windows.Experts also shared: "Around ten per cent of heat loss in a home occurs through floors.

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