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Silent 'triangular UFO' spotted in 'amazingly clear sighting' over Canada

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UFO' in what has been described as 'amazingly clear footage' by truth-seekers. The pair were out walking in Ontario, Canada during sunset hours when they spotted a black triangle with white lights at each point and large red light in the middle.

The bloke is heard saying: "It doesn't look like a plane from here. It looks like a triangle."To which, his wife replies: "It is a triangle with a red light in the middle."The mysterious aircraft appears to be moving across the sky as the woman tried to follow it in the clip which was picked up by truth-seekers from Disclose Screen who described the sighting as: "Amazing!

Silent Tr-3B craft at low altitude filmed slowly cruising over beachfront, Ontario Canada."A TR3B is a legendary aircraft that is said to be the very first Alien Reproduction Vehicle built secretly by the military for space travel, according to UFO researchers.

The comments on the video were filled with ET-believers praising the 'clear' footage' as they believe it to be evidence of alien visitors.One user said: "Now that’s a really clear shot of the ufo!

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