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Shaun Ryder says Ukraine will win Eurovision because contestants have 'secret weapon'

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Shaun Ryder reckons Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra will win Eurovision because they have their own Bez.The bucket-hat wearing hip-hop folk band are the bookies’ favourites to be crowned champions at the song contest in Turin on Saturdya night (May 14).And chart topper Shaun reckons the gang – who will be performing their song Stefania in front of millions – also have a lucky secret weapon.Just like The Happy Mondays, one of their team is a “freaky dancer” who moves around on stage like Bez.Shaun said: “I like their Bez!“He’s a great mover.

I think they are great and wish them all the best. They are going to win."The Kinky Afro star also joked that The Kalush Orchestra’s members will end up in demand with lucrative TV opportunities if they win the competition too.He laughed: “I look forward to seeing them on I’m A Celebrity, Love Island, Come Dine With Me and Naked Attraction.”UK singer Sam Ryder has also become a hot contender in the competition.He has been the second favourite to win with his song Spaceman in recent days.It would be a massive shocker if we triumphed as we have not scored victory since 1997 with Katrina and The Waves’ Love Shine A Light.And in recent years the rest of Europe have snubbed us and often given us "nul points".Last year, Shaun opened up about his plans to get a captain's licence and sail around the world with his wife.His singer’s missus Joanne has a dream he will put his music career on ice and they will sail off into the sunset on their own personal voyage.Although the trip sounds idyllic, Shaun is convinced his wife would end up murdering him if it were just the two of them at sea together for months on end.He said: “My missus wants to get a boat and sail around the planet on it.

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