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Sexpert shares worst things you can do to try and 'fix' your sex life

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sex lives if they're going through a rough patch.Relationship expert Tracey Cox said it can take around six years for most couples to turn to therapy to help them work through their problems.And, when it comes to sex, she said it can take up to four years for couples to confess that they have an awful sex life and that they need to do something about it.READ MORE: OnlyFans model dropped sex toy during racy gym shoot – then random man stole itShe also said it can be a tough ride for some people to get their mojos back, because they don't know where to begin when trying to make things better.It's said couples can make common mistakes by placing focus on the wrong things, so she's put a simple guide together to help couples get back between the sheets.Here are some of the things you should avoid doing, according to Cox in her MailOnline column.Don't focus on how much you have sexCox said when a couple try to fix things between the sheets they'll often try and get frisky more often, but it's not about how much you do it.She said the focus should be placed on the quality of the sex because, the more you get out of it, the more you'll want to go back for more.Many people think that couples who have regular sex have a fantastic sex life, but she said it's not always the case.People's views on what "perfect" sex is differs, and lots of sex doesn't always translate into pleasurable sex.Passing the blame Cox says if you don't approach this correctly, then nothing will work.If a couple is facing issues in the bedroom it's not one person's fault, so you should share the blame.There is no good in blaming one person, and saying what's "right" and "wrong".It may seem simple, but it's crucial to pick up on from the start.Neither party.

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