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Serial killer survivors who defied brutal attacks – including man who sent Dahmer down

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READ MORE: Girl, 12, stabbed 19 times by Slenderman killer makes jaw-dropping recoveryThankfully one managed to escape Dahmer's evil clutches – and he isn't the only one who's managed to flee from a killer.Read on to find out about a variety of people who fought back and survived and helped end some serial killer's reign of terror.When Milwaukee, Wisconsin, police officers stumbled across a man running down the street in handcuffs in 1991, they had no idea that they were going to put an end to a prolific serial killer case.

They had come across Tracy Edwards, who told them that he had just escaped being murdered by Dahmer.On July 22, 1991, Edwards and two other men met the serial killer in a bar when Dahmer offered them $100 (£91) to come back to his apartment.

Taking him up on his request, Edward went back to his home but it was once they were here that Dahmer’s energy changed, as he attempted to handcuff his would-be victim before brandishing a knife.When the killer was distracted, Edwards struck his head before fleeing his apartment and flagged down police officers.He then led police back to Dahmer's home, where they found severed heads in his fridge and freezer and other dismembered body parts.Edwards was a crucial witness in the case against Dahmer in 1992, explaining during court testimony that Dahmer was “not the same person” he met at the bar when he had been taken into the bedroom.Dahmer confessed to 17 gruesome murders and was sentenced to 15 life terms.

He was beaten to death by another inmate in 1994. Ted Bundy is one of the world’s most infamous serial killers. Although he ultimately confessed to 28 murders, some estimated that he was responsible for hundreds of deaths.

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