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Scots thug wrenches charity tin from garage shop counter before fleeing scene with money

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Shocking video footage from a Scottish petrol station shows the moment a thug wrenches a charity tin from the service point and flees with the cash.

The clip, captured on CCTV at the BP garage on Main Street in Coatbridge, shows the thief chatting candidly with a cashier after asking him to phone for a taxi at around 1.10am on Monday January 10.

After around 20 seconds he shifts over to the edge of the till where the tin sits for people to pop in loose change. A moment later, the till worker gestures to the man's waiting taxi outside - before the thief makes a rapid grab for the receptacle.They struggle briefly before the chain securing the tin to the till gives way and the thief spills backwards onto the floor.He then gets up before sprinting out of the shop, still carrying the donation box.A manager of the shop, who asked not to be named for fear of personal retribution, says the incident was the second in a matter of hours involving the man, who had previously tried to steal food from the service station.She told the Record: "He wouldn't leave the shop and asked the cashier to phone him a taxi."That was when he ran away with the tin."The thief made off with a tub gathering donations for St Andrew's Hospice, a charity that provides palliative care to people with life-limiting illnesses at its centre in Airdrie.He is yet to be arrested but the manager says other local businesses have reported thefts by a man matching his description."He might still be running around the streets and I dread to think what he might do next," she added."Is he going to rob an old man or woman as they collect their pension?"If he's that desperate to steal a charity tin what is his next step going to be?"Maybe he's not getting the help he

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