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School PE teacher loses leg in 'freak accident' in her garden during storm

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READ MORE: Mum's feet chopped off by 'malfunctioning' yacht that sucked her into propeller "It almost sounded like a car crash, but it was louder," she recalled."I looked out the window to check on my car, but nothing was wrong.

I didn't even go outside at that point, I literally sat back down and watched TV. "Then I thought, 'what if someone's hurt?'.

So I stepped outside and I saw that most of the wall was down. I [thought] who do I even call?"A couple of my neighbours came outside and we discussed the situation.

One of my neighbours went back in to get some shoes on."It was then that the garden wall came crashing down on Cooper, crushing her foot - although had she been much closer, the accident could have been even more severe, as the wall was taller than her.Her neighbour came back out to find Cooper lying on the floor."[The wind] had blown the bit of the wall that was still upright.

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