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Russian troops may be using 'phosphorus bombs' in harrowing footage from Ukraine

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Vladimir Putin's troops may be using deadly chemical weapons against Ukrainian forces in Mariupol, according to government officials.

Vice President of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov shared a harrowing video on Twitter claiming that Russian soldiers are using phosphorus bombs to fight against the "defenders of Mariupol." The clip, which runs for just under one minute, shows a bleak view of the once-thriving city from the air as explosions continue across the area, sending huge flames into the air.Looking from another angle, explosives are seen splitting in the sky, sending streaks of smoke raining down over the city.

The footage has prompted the government to believe chemical weapons are being used as their appearance is similar to the M47 white phosphorus bomb.Captioning the footage, the Vice Prime Minister said: "Video evidence of possible usage of phosphorus bombs against defenders of Mariupol.

Azovstal stands not only for Ukraine but for the whole of Europe. The bravest humankind. Never forgive, never forget."Twitter users seemed to agree that it was evidence of phosphorus and others sent their regards to those fighting on the frontlines of the Russia-Ukraine war.One user said: "It’s air-burst white phosphorous, the use of phosphorous to bombard targets that are occupied by people is banned by the Geneva Convention.

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