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Roy Keane proved spot on as just 37 Premier League players wearing black boots

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Roy Keane has been proven right after a recent study found that only 37 Premier League players out of 520 are sporting black boots nowadays.It is a far cry from the old days in football where any other colour was rare - and it would take a brave man to sport them.

That was down to the fact that anyone who dared to put them on would not last very long without getting hacked down.However, that has all changed now and a pair of black boots are on the wane - with just 37 Premier League players deciding to go ahead with the classics, according to research from

That included just one in the north London derby and only one in the Manchester derby as well.READ MORE: Erling Haaland could travel to space twice every week with huge Man City wages Back when Patrick Vieira and Keane were strutting their stuff in the Premier League, that would have been impossible to think.

And the Manchester United legend has only been proved right with his comments made earlier this year.After a 4-1 crushing at the hands of Manchester City in March 2022, Keane said: “It’s no good having moments in games, the match is 90 minutes long you’ve got to do it all game long.Are you on Roy Keane's side?

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