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Ross Kemp forced to eat raw chicken at gunpoint after 'proposing' to gangman's sister

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Telly hardman Ross Kemp nearly got engaged to a brutal gang leader’s sister by accident after he gave her a stuffed toy.The 57-year-old revealed that while filming with the MS-13 crew in El Salvador he made “a big error” by giving a “fluffy gnome” to her, which according to local custom meant he was proposing.When the Ross Kemp on Gangs star told Little Psychopaths boss Chucho he was unavailable, he forced him to eat raw chicken.Speaking on the Off Menu Podcast, Kemp said: “Chucho’s sister gave me this soft toy.

I went and bought her one, but what I actually was doing was getting engaged to Chucho’s sister.“When I explained to him I had a girlfriend, Chucho was ­unpleased.

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