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'Real life Ken doll' who spent four hours a day on glam look is unrecognisable now

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READ MORE: Model 'upgrades' to huge 32L boobs and flaunts jaw-dropping transformationAnd the 18-year-old loved the character’s “cool” image so much he planned out 42 different plastic surgery procedures.Felipe, from Sao Paulo in Brazil, wanted rib removal surgery and silicone implants to look more like the hunky doll.But after landing a surprising new job in the construction industry, he decided to stop “hiding behind the character” as it was putting him in a dark place.He said: "With all the difficulty to work and urgently needing a job, I ended up taking advantage of the opportunity they could give me.

I already had a slight experience (in the role) so it worked out."'Not only am I proud of my work, but I also like to be on the job."In a dramatic U-turn, Felipe has learned to “love himself” and embrace his natural looks.He told Fabulous: “I feel free and blessed for not getting plastic surgery, it feels like I’ve got a second chance at life and have woken up to what is really important.“I can’t deny that dressing like a doll empowered me at that time and I have no regrets because it helped me to learn to love myself.“I identify with Ken a lot, he has good and healthy male habits like taking care of himself, working out and looking after his appearance.“Now I’m working in construction and I am well accepted there, I have never been to the building site dressed as Ken and never will, I don’t need to anymore.”READ NEXT:.

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