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Putin 'testing mysterious new hypersonic nuclear missile' at isolated testing site

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Vladimir Putin is reportedly also testing a mysetrious new hypersonic nuclear missile at an isolated testing site in northern Russia.

The news firms up his comment of "I'm not bluffing" when talking about nuclear willingness during a speech earlier this week.The Burevestnik nuclear-powered cruise missile is dubbed a "flying Chernobyl" by experts and was reportedly spotted at Novaya Zemlya test site earlier this month. READ MORE: Putin lookalike warned 'to grow moustache and not leave home' — but risks life to workThe missile, built to carry a nuclear warhead, is powered by a small nuclear reactor that poses a real threat to humans and the environment, sofrep.com reports.Military analyst Tony Roper obtained new pictures of the missile site last weekend, telling the Barents observer: "It is definitely Burevestnik."The overhead images purportedly show that Burevestnik has been prepped for launch at the Pankovo base.It comes as Putin has become more forthright in his threats of using nuclear weapons.

Earlier this week, the Russian President suggested he was willing to launch nuclear strikes in response to attacks on his territory.The warmonger claimed Russia had "lots of weapons to reply" to apparent "nuclear blackmail" by the West, announcing he would use "all means necessary" against the those trying to "subjugate" the nation, including "neo-nazis" in Ukraine.As his speech came to an end he added: "I'm not bluffing.""That's why I asked the ministry of defence to agree to 'partial mobilisation,'" he said.However, one expert said the autocrat is indeed bluffing.

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