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'Pregnant' fella makes £4,000 on OnlyFans pretending to give birth

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OnlyFans. Simon Henderson, 48, who can manipulate his shredded abs to a huge belly in an instant, has a group of 'specialist' fans looking to fulfil rare sexual fantasies about 'male pregnancy'.The bank clerk has posted 180 videos and 277 images and insists the content is not pornographic.READ MORE: 'Women say I'm not hot enough to be a successful model – my salary says otherwise'However, his OnlyFans site caters for various niches and fetishes including 'MPREG', where people fantasise about male pregnancy.

Simon, from Medway, Kent, said: "Mpreg is the idea of a male being pregnant and experiencing such. I make lighthearted fun videos about being pregnant, moaning about it, talking about it and videos of me pretending to give birth."Vore is usually depicted in adult cartoons, and explores the possibility of eating people and keeping them in your belly and eventually digesting them."I can bring this idea to light in funny videos and my belly talent makes these videos visual as opposed to imagined."This is the reason why I don't have to do porn on the site because my talent is so unique.

It allows me to be very versatile and can bring Mpreg and Vore to life. Stuffing is exactly what it sounds like, just eating food and supports the ideal of growing."As there are a lot of people in the belly community that likes to just encourage people to get fatter.

They are appropriately called 'Encouragers'."One tried it with me offering to buy me loads of Big Macs, but I politely refused as my fitness is important to me, and besides that, I like being slim, as the extremes are visually better."Simon has more than 80 regular fans, who subscribe to his OnlyFans content monthly.

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