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Plane crash that killed 118 in horror runway collision 'looked like a war'

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aviation disaster after 118 people were killed in a horror runway crash. The Linate Airport crash in Milan, Italy caused devastation across the globe after a Scandinavian Airlines flight smashed into a private Cessna aircraft, while two of the people who tragically lost their lives were British.

Unknown of their fate, six crew members assisted the 104 travellers to board the Scandinavian flight on October 8, 2021. READ MORE Boy 'miraculously' survived plane crash that killed all other 103 people on board But the excited holidaymakers, who were set to travel to Copenhagen, didn't even make it off the ground before disaster struck.

As the pilot attempted to move the plane in severe fog, they ploughed into the private aircraft which was carrying just four people.The flight consisted of two passengers and two pilots who were on the Cessna business jet to Paris.Meanwhile, on the ground, four others were killed as the Scandinavian plane hit the baggage-handling wing of the airport.The freak accident was caused by negligent safety procedures at the airport, inspectors found.

Investigators quickly ruled out initial terrorism concerns with the tragedy coming just a month after 9/11. Baggage handler Salvatore Reale, who survived with burns, previously said: "I immediately thought it was a bomb that had exploded in one of the suitcases and ran to escape."One could hardly see anything because of the smoke, just the SAS plane inside the building.

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