Peter Bart Edgar Bronfman Can Bezos Past Hollywood MGM Peter Bart Edgar Bronfman Can Bezos Past Hollywood

Peter Bart: Can Bezos & Zaslav Avoid Wreckage Of Past Hollywood Merger Merchants From Edgar Bronfman To Michele Sindona?

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Two decades years ago Edgar Bronfman, Jr., having just acquired control of Universal, took me on a tour of his studio. Pointing to the black tower, he told me: “I hate black buildings.

That one will soon be white.”It’s still black. I remember his faux promise as a sort of metaphor for why Hollywood always greets corporate takeovers with a yawn.

Dealmakers may boast of their deals, but history tells us that nothing ever changes.Except history may be about to change its mind.

The massive maneuvers newly engineered by Discovery and Amazon will substantially transform the cultures of their respective companies.

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