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Taylor Lautner's fiancée Taylor Dome admits she had crush on Twilight's Robert Pattinson growing up

Taylor Lautner's fiancée has admitted she was once 'Team Edward.'Taylor Dome, who goes by Tay, decided to accepted the TikTok challenge to show 'your childhood crush and then the person you ended up with.'Admitting on social media that 'i think it’s time to come clean…' the24-year-old nurse admitted that when it came to first loves, she was all in for Robert Pattinson, 36, who starred at Edward Cullen opposite Taylor Lautner, in the Twilight films. Switching teams: Taylor Lautner's fiancée has confessed her first crush was a Twilight star, but it wasn't her husband to be The gorgeous vampire was a romantic rival with the 30-year-old actor's Jacob Black for the affections of Kristen Stewart's Bella in the blockbuster film series.

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Elderly woman left in tears when stranger gives her flowers in 'random act of kindness'
TikTok star randomly gave her some flowers.The pensioner was having a quiet coffee on her own in the Emporium Mall in Melbourne when 22-year-old Harrison Pawluk politely interrupted her to give her a bouquet.Harrison, who was inspired to do random acts of kindness after seeing people in poverty overseas, asked her: "'Sorry to bother you, is it okay if you can just hold these?"READ MORE: Struggling mum asks Aldi cashier to stop scanning items but kind stranger pays insteadHe then bent down to take out a parka jacket from his backpack before, walking off, telling her to "have a lovely day" as he left her with the flowers.The woman seemed confused for a moment as she initially thought he had forgotten them but when she realised they were for her she started to get teary.TikTok fans were moved by the clip, which has gained more than 51.9 million views and 10 million likes and was captioned: "I hope this made her day better."Harrison has since spoken about the social media stunt to Mail Online, as he revealed why he does these things for random people on the street.The YouTuber and TikTok star, who earns between £5,000 and £8,000 a month from his platforms, said: "I was recently inspired to change the nature of my content and use my platform to do some good and spread some kindness. "Not enough creators utilise their platforms for good.
Woman drops from size 22 to 6 in just a year with extreme weight loss transformation
weight loss transformation after she went from a size 22 to a size 6 – in just a year.Kerri Okane decided to get a gastric sleeve to aid her in shedding the pounds and now only has 15% of her stomach left due to the procedure.The 22-year-old, who is a student nurse, was “depressed” and “overweight” at 22 stone 1lb so opted to do something about it.READ MORE: Woman enjoys gut-busting cheat meal before getting 80% of stomach removedShe has now built up a TikTok following of 73,000 who have followed her journey to health.And, people have certainly been impressed that she managed to lose 14 stone in just 12 months.In a clip that has racked up 483,000 views, Kerri has shown in a series of pictures how much she has changed since her gastric sleeve.She expressed: “If 21-year-old me could see 22-year-old me.”The student first shared a selfie from before she went under the knife – and it appeared that she had been crying.Kerri then shared a couple of snaps of herself as she leant on a kitchen counter when she had a fuller figure.But a year on, the super-slimmer looks totally different after dropping eight dress sizes.Kerri now sports a smaller figure and accentuates it by wearing more revealing clothing instead of covering it up.Get all the biggest Lifestyle news straight to your inbox. Sign up for the free Daily Star Hot Topics newsletterShe has also changed her appearance by opting for a more glam makeup look instead of rocking her bare skin and has gone for a more edgy hairstyle.In awe at the transformation, many people fled to the comments to praise Kerri for her efforts and shared that they felt ‘motivated’ by her journey.One person commented: “You give me so much motivation.”Another user added: “I was not ready for that!!
People are only just realising where abbreviations '1st', '2nd' and '3rd' come from
TikTok as @gemmawat89, posted the video to a laughing sound, writing: "At my big age of 32 I have just learn that the ‘st’ in 1st, ‘nd’ in 2nd and ‘rd’ in 3rd are because they are the last letters of the word ‘first’ and so forth."She rounded off her caption with several mind explosion emojis and posted the video with hashtags including '#stilllearning."READ MORE: Mum left red-faced as 4-year-old daughter makes 'booby sculpture' at nurseryIn the comments, she claimed that she had never given it much thought before to realise why the abbreviation was the way that it was.And it would appear that she wasn't the only one as the video gained more than 2.7 million times views, 108,000 likes and 3,000 comments.One like-minded user wrote: "I’m 64 and I only just realised that from this TikTok! You got to love TikTok."Another added: "I only just learned that from watching this and I'm 29."A third commented: "No more internet for me today, I need to process.”A fourth wrote: “I feel like I knew this but I never really realised it fully you know?”However, others piled in to say that it should have been something she already knew, as one person added: "I am an immigrant, English is my second language and I have known this since primary school."For more incredible stories from the Daily Star, make sure you sign up to one of our newsletters here.Another added: "Well, obviously!"A third said: "LMAO what else did you think it meant?"However, the mum took to the comments to defend herself from trolls who started leaving hate comments on her video because she didn't know.She said: "I shouldn’t have to put this but whether someone knows or doesn’t know there is no need for nastiness, please just remember this is TikTok."READ MORE:'I'm a
Model shares shows how she transformed bloated belly in just one week
transform her body to toned and ripped in just one week.Kholood Brieche is a model who openly shares her struggles with bloating to her 108,000 TikTok followers.It makes for a refreshing change to see a model practice body positivity instead of constantly looking runway ‘ready’.READ MORE: Plus size model proudly flaunts rear in undies as she 'maintains size 18 curves'Instead of letting her belly bloat bring her mood down, Kholood has shown how she keeps it at bay with a certain combination of foods.In the TikTok clip that has racked up 151,000 views, the dark haired beauty first donned a pair of white jeans fastened with a black belt and rocked a bralette in a similar colour.As she rubbed her tum, she wrote: “What I ate for a week to go from this bloat,”“To this”, and then shared her toned figure in a Hawaiian print bikini set.According to Kholood, she transformed her body in just seven days with a diet to eliminate her bloating.To start off the day, Kholood would make herself an oat milk cappuccino followed by a protein smoothie for breakfast.For lunch, the model munched on some chicken rice and avocado each day to stay lean and get some more protein in.For more lifestyle stories, sign up to the free Hot Topics newsletter here.Getting peckish throughout the day, Kholood would have a protein bar or a second cappuccino – or both if she felt like it.And to finish her daily food intake, the model had two burger patties and some rice.This certain meal plan worked for the model but might not necessarily work for someone else who has issues with bloating.The model shared: “I basically eat this everyday.”Appreciative of Khlolood showing her struggles with bloating, many people fled to the comments to thank her for ‘normalising’
Kid savages mum with 'brutal' insult about legs – making her go shave
READ MORE: 'I'm a 23-year-old mum with 34 children – this is how busy my mornings are'Emma Rachael Day was lounging on the sofa in a dress with the bottom of her legs exposed.The mum, who is expecting her second child, was minding her own business as she sat watching television with her son Charlie.However, Emma was about to be in for a perfectly delivered 'brutal' insult by the little one – and caught it on camera for all to see and hear.In the TikTok clip that has racked up 2.2 million views, Charlie perched himself on the floor and sat by his mum’s legs.Emma asked: “What did you say?”Completely innocently, Charlie touched his mum’s legs and jibed: “Your legs are ever so sharp.”He then gave a cheeky grin at the camera as Emma began laughing.We think Charlie may be hinting it’s time for a shave!Emma wrote in the viral clip: "Kids have no business being this brutally honest. Excuse me while I go shave my legs."Left in hysterics at Charlie’s politely delivered insult, many people fled to the comments to share their thoughts – and can relate to Emma’s situation.One person giggled: “I love how he talks! ‘Ever so’.”Another user chuckled: “He was so polite about it.”While a third person voiced: “I've never heard anyone deliver an insult so beautifully.”Someone else shared: “Mine told me I have a spider in my armpit.”For more lifestyle stories, sign up to the free Hot Topics newsletter here.Meanwhile, a fifth person related: “Don’t worry.