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Fern Britton only became amicable with ex Phil Vickery in the 'last couple of months’

It came after she took a Mensa test, which told her she was in the top two percent of the population for intelligence and high IQ. When Clive discovered she had taken the test, he was furious, and the rift led to the downfall of the marriage. Talking on the Walking The Dog with Emily Dean podcast, she elaborated: "He had this degree and I don’t [so] I secretly went off and did the Mensa."I lied, I said I was going somewhere else, and it took a day to do this test.

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Stacey Solomon reunites with Joe Swash after Ibiza stag amid breaking silence on ‘worries'
Loose Women star Stacey Solomon reunited with her husband-to-be Joe Swash after the former EastEnders actor returned from his spirited stag do in Ibiza yesterday.Stacey recently broke her silence on whether she was “worried” about Joe after he was spotted chatting to an attractive blonde partygoer on the trip.Stacey, 32, was all smiles as she welcomed her fiancé Joe back home after he had enjoyed his alcohol-fueled party holiday in Spain over the last few days. Sharing a video with her 5.3 million Instagram followers, Stacey showed Joe picking up and hugging their three-year-old son Rex and eight-month-old daughter Rose.Joe had landed back in the UK earlier in the morning, arriving back at home at 4am when everyone was still asleep.“Joe got back yesterday at 4am,” Stacey explained. “So we spent the day having cuddles. “Rex was sooooo excited!” she added. The former X Factor finalist then went on to joke: “And I caught up on all of the topless, wild girl talking antics.”Stacey broke her silence about whether she was “worried” about Joe going away after photographs obtained by The Sun showed Joe chatting to a blonde partygoer on a night out a few days ago.Stacey took to her Instagram to set things straight, stating: “So many of you are sending me really sweet messages saying, ‘I hope you are ok, don’t worry about the papers’.  “Honestly, I don’t worry about the papers.
‘Let’s get it straight, they left me!' Eamonn Holmes slams ITV and boycotts This Morning
Eamonn Holmes, 62, has doubled down on his claims ITV lied about his exit from This Morning.The presenter, who now works for GB News, has revealed he’s also no longer able to watch his old show as it would be “too sensitive” for him. Six months ago, Eamonn left This Morning after regularly hosting the daytime TV show for 15 years. Eamonn and his wife Ruth Langsford, who was also his presenting partner, were replaced in their regular Friday slot by Alison Hamonnd and Dermot O’Leary during lockdown. When he was asked whether he still watches This Morning in a recent interview, Eamonn revealed he doesn’t tune in any more.According to the journalist, fans often approach him in the street to ask why he and Ruth are not still presenting the show. Asked if he still ever flicks across to This Morning, Eamonn confirmed: “It would be too... sensitive. “I mean, I spend every day going out on the street and people saying, ‘Why are you and Ruth not on any more?’” he told the Mirror.The presenter also claimed he was frustrated at not being informed about why he was allegedly let go from ITV, insisting that he did not quit the broadcaster to work at GB News.“I wish somebody would show me the email or the letter or that I was sent to say, ‘Eamonn, this is why this is coming to an end’,” he explained. “But to tell lies, that I left them to go to GB News...I didn’t – they left me.
Stacey Solomon worries fans with Instagram silence as Joe Swash spotted with blonde beauty
Stacey Solomon, who usually posts lengthy Instagram stories daily, has mysteriously gone offline after her fiancé Joe Swash was photographed chatting to a blonde partygoer on his stag do.The Loose Women star previously admitted she was “so nervous” about Joe going away for the party, so her social media silence will undoubtedly spark concern for fans.  It comes after Joe, 40, was photographed chatting to a woman as he enjoyed his Ibiza stag do with some pals.The former EastEnders actor jetted off to Ibiza on Friday after his fiancée Stacey Solomon shared her fears ahead of the raucous affair.Stacey has since gone silent for over 24 hours and her last Instagram post was uploaded four days ago.However, Stacey occasionally takes unexplained breaks from social media for the weekend while spending quality time with her family, so fans may have nothing to worry about.Joe embarked on his stag do this weekend with the likes of comedian Rob Beckett, EastEnders’ Dean Gaffney, and Stacey’s dad Dave on the guest list. During the holiday, in pictures obtained by The Sun, Joe was seen chatting to a blonde beauty on a night out and later holding his head in his hands as he chatted with a mate. has contacted a representative for Joe for comment.Joe - who appears to be absolutely devoted to his partner Stacey - was most likely hungover, but the Loose Women star still expressed a few worries ahead of his trip.   As Joe jetted off with the couple's wedding just weeks away, Stacey took to Instagram to share her concerns with her 5.3 million followers. The former X Factor finalist told fans that fiancé Joe was “the best”, but that she was still feeling seriously anxious over the stag do as Joe headed off early in the morning
Denise Welch's famous son Matty from The 1975 reacts to her secret ‘guilt and shame'
Loose Women panellist spoke candidly about her battle with alcoholism and the effect it had on her family’s lives.Denise admitted that before becoming sober - thanks to her husband Lincoln Townley’s support - she “wasn’t always present [emotionally]”.The actress said she had discussed her addiction with Matty before as she confessed her “guilt and shame”.Speaking about her battle, Denise said: “I didn’t think that Matthew was aware of it but he was.“I never put the kids to bed as a drunken mess and I was physically present, but I wasn’t always present [emotionally].”She continued: “We’ve had many talks about how my drinking affected him and he felt very sad and sorry for me.“Now he’s just so thrilled.The 1975 is a globally successful band, which he says wouldn’t have been possible if he had been constantly worried about me.“I once told Matty that I have a lot of guilt and shame and he said, ‘Everybody has guilt, Mum, but shame is something you’ve really got to own’ and I have done, with the forgiveness of my family,” Denise told Platinum magazine.Denise, who has been outspoken about her alcohol addiction, once revealed she would go straight from the nightclub to the ITV studios.Speaking on White Wine Question Time, the ITV star said she would leave London nightclub Freedom at 5am to later appear on TV as the “person behind the painted smile."Host Kate commented: "We've spoken about this before on this podcast.The number of times we would go into work and you were coming straight out of a club."Denise explained: "I used to be dancing on the pole at Freedom at 5am.“I would then appear on television, for instance, Loose Women, at 12.30pm."People who had seen me on the pole at 5 in the morning would assume my appearance [on
Stacey Solomon breaks down in tears over interaction between her dad and fiancé Joe Swash
 Stacey Solomon, 32, admitted the bond she witnessed between her dad and fiancé Joe Swash, 40, “made her cry” today.The family were busy celebrating Father’s Day as Stacey shared some cute pics from the day with her 5.2 million Instagram followers.Stacey took to social media today to express her affection for her family and Joe, who is father to their children Rex, 3, and nine-month-old Rose. The Loose Women star is also mother to Zach, 13, whom she shares with ex-boyfriend Dean Cox. Stacey welcomed Zach when she was 17 years old - just one year before she shot to stardom on X Factor. The presenter also shares ten-year-old son Leighton with ex-fiancé Aaron Barnham, whom she split with in 2014.Stacey is also step-mum to Joe’s 13-year-old son Harry, whom he shares with his ex-fiancée Emma Sophocleous.Sharing a photo of Joe, her father and three of their children, Stacey penned on Instagram: “Dad, who we look up to no matter how tall we grow.“The way my dad loves Joe actually makes me cry,” she added with laughing and crying emojis.The star also included an adorable clip of baby Rose giggling with the caption: “How are you so darn cute Rose?”Other snaps on Stacey’s story showed the family’s impressive looking breakfast table, complete with cinnamon swirls. “Good Morning, Happy Daddy’s Day,” Stacey wrote over a picture of the their elegant looking dinner table.Yesterday, Stacey revealed that she and Harry had been working on a sweet surprise for his dad Joe for Father’s Day.“So me and Harry have spent this evening working on a special Father’s Day present for Joe,” she wrote. “Joe saved this wood slice from the fire wood because he loved it so much so Harry wanted to make him a little side table out of it.” The video showed
'Lifetime of hurt and rejection' EastEnders' Adam Woodyatt on son becoming an actor
EastEnders actor Adam Woodyatt spoke out about how he reacted to his son Sam telling him he wanted to be an actor too.The soap star told Kate Thornton about his honesty toward Sam during a conversation on her podcast White Wine Question Time.Expressing his relief that his son turned out to be good at acting, Adam admitted that he would tell him the truth if he believed otherwise to avoid “a lifetime of hurt and rejection”.Adam began: “Sam’s going to end up following in my footsteps and end up acting, I think.“He’s actually quite good. It wasn’t a case of me looking at him going, ‘Oh, yeah, go into acting’, and thinking, ‘You’re never going to succeed’.“It was actually, ‘You’ve got a chance, you can manage it.’“If I didn’t think he was good enough I probably would have told him because otherwise he’d just be destined for a lifetime of hurt and rejection.”Speaking about Sam's acting education, Adam added: “He’s picking up little bits of work here and there.“He needs to go get some training, which he is currently applying for.“But he’s been picking up bits of work without the training, so… a bit like I did, I never had any training.”Adam had been portraying Ian Beale from 1985, before quitting the show in 2021.Ian was last seen in Walford in January 2021 after discovering Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean) had been plotting to kill him.Speaking about his exit from EastEnders, Adam said: “It will have been a year since I was last in EastEnders by the time I go in.“I’ve enjoyed my time so much.
Hugh Grant donates £10,000 to help Brits with cost of living crisis after slamming Tories through the GoFundMe page’s account holders that an anonymous celebrity donation had been made earlier today.They then confirmed that the celebrity was Hugh Grant. The fundraising manager for the page, Depher CiC UK released a statement on the website explaining its aims. It reads: “We established Depher in March 2017; since the launch, we have helped over 39,000 families throughout the United kingdom, in your Town and City.“We are known for our transparency and community support worldwide. “It gives hope and trust to many thousands who use our life-saving service and millions who follow our humanitarian mission.“We are raising funding to help us continue with our essential and life-saving service for our Elderly, Vulnerable and disabled members.“The government and councils do not support Depher CiC with any form of funding or donations; we rely totally on the kindness and generosity of the public and high profile members of the community.“We readjusted our services during the covid pandemic to help thousands of families and emergency services with Plumbing, Boilers, food, gas, electricity, PPE and much more support.” Hugh is frequently involved in public debates about social issues and has been very vocal in his criticism of the conservatives and Boris Johnson. The star, in May, vehemently condemned the Tory government following the release of Sue Grey’s report. He criticised various cabinet members’ support of the Prime Minister after the report revealed damage and drunken antics occurred at parties in Downing Street, which went against Covid restrictions and laws at the time.The Love Actually and A Very English Scandal star, retweeted a post that said: “It’s amazing how many of the Cabinet support
Lorraine Kelly, 62, 'frightened' of 'losing herself' to dementia in honest admission
Lorraine Kelly, 62, has spoken in a new interview about her fear of getting dementia, with the idea of "losing" herself frightening the presenter.She added that she believes we need a "frank conversation" about assisted death for people who suffer with the condition.Lorraine opened up in a recent interview about her fears in life and what she hopes to conquer.She was asked: "What other fears are you going to face up to?"Lorraine replied: "To be honest the thing that frightens me, I will be totally honest with you."The thing that frightens me is not so much getting ill as you can hopefully do things to help yourself a bit."I gratefully fear for things like losing myself to dementia."As my gran had it a bit, not too bad but I think seeing that."Seeing friends' loved ones lose themselves and slowly lose the person they love the most."She continued: "And that is what scares me about getting older but of course dementia can hit people that are younger."I don't want to lose anybody I love and that sort of bit by bit way and I certainly would not want that for myself", she said in an interview with The Mirror.Lorraine is very open about her health concerns or weight woes, with the presenter revealing earlier this year a realisation she had during the pandemic.She told she was sleeping as little as four hours per night, calling her habits "awful".With her sleeping schedule changing, the presenter revealed she went from a size 10 to a size 14 in lockdown.Lorraine said: "I’ll tell you what, the thing it’s making me focus on more than anything is sleep."During the pandemic, I’ve not been sleeping as well as I might."When you see it written down [on your tracker] as, ‘Oh, you’ve had for hours,’ you realise it’s not
Eamonn Holmes, 62, breaks silence on hospital dash as he credits 'angels' who saved him
GB News presenter Eamonn Holmes has spoken out about his dramatic visit to A&E after waking up in “excruciating pain”.The former This Morning star went on to praise the “angels” that had saved him in a heartfelt tribute to the NHS.Eamonn, 62, opened up in his first column for about how an unexpected hospital dash earlier this month saw him miss out on covering the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations.The journalist’s time A&E was also eye-opening, as it made him truly appreciate the tireless efforts of NHS staff.Speaking about his team at GB News, he said: “They have my respect, admiration and thanks. “But right now my heart belongs to the NHS - and the Angels who got me back on my feet again.Thank you.”Eamonn has suffered from long-term health difficulties in recent years, previously telling of his battle with chronic back pain after a dislocated pelvis led to three slipped discs.Speaking about his time in hospital for the first time, he said: “At times I had to ask myself if this was the same NHS I’d heard described on TV as broken, inefficient, wasteful and not fit for purpose.” “From where I was lying nothing could be further from the truth.”The star went on to explain how his “treatment became quicker and comprehensive” thanks to the way our National Health System works.“I ended up having my whole health diagnosed,” he explained.
'It's a curse' Zoe Ball's son Woody admits they 'only see each other when they're working'
The star, who is the son of Zoe and Norman Cook AKA Fatboy Slim, has appeared alongside his mum on Celebrity Gogglebox. She started by asking her son on the show this morning: “Woody, hello darling, how was your weekend?”“Good, stressful, long,” he said in response.Woody continued: “It’s bizarre that… I always say it but we only see each other when we’re working.” Zoe said: “We do, and when we do Gogglebox!”Her son then added: “It started as a joke but now it’s almost like a curse.” “It’s lovely to see you son,” the host concluded. Zoe and Norman got married at Babington House in Somerset in 1999.Although they split in January 2003, they got back together three months later.On September 24, 2016, they announced their separation after 18 years of marriage.Fatboy Slim is an English DJ who has won ten MTV video Music Awards and two BRIT awards.Woody is the oldest son of the pair, with his younger sister, Nelly May Lois Cook, born in 2010. The star made his TV debut on The Circle 2 on September 24, 2019.And fans were in hysterics at the time as Woody accidentally flirted with Richard Madeley after mistaking him for someone else over a video call.He played himself in the reality show, but didn't reveal who his famous parents were until weeks into the series.Woody appeared alongside mum Zoe Ball on Celebrity Gogglebox in 2020.The rising star appeared on the Channel 4 show which ran for seven episodes, with an all-star line-up including Nick Grimshaw, Stacey Solomon, Joe Swash, Harry Redknapp and Laura Whitmore. Zoe was the first female host of both the Radio 1 and 2 Breakfast shows.She also presented Live and Kicking alongside Jamie Theakston from 1996-1999. Zoe was a contestant in the third series of Strictly Come Dancing in
'Switched three times!' Lulu's 'transatlantic accent' baffles Platinum Jubilee viewers
The singer spoke about the National Treasure buses, which saw each bus represent various decades from the 1950’s to the 2010’s. Lulu began by speaking about the positive impact the Jubilee has had on the nation. She said: “This feeling, the upliftment we have felt, the joy, the love. “We are all united because of our beautiful Queen, our hardworking Queen. “That’s what everyone is feeling, you can feel it through the screen.”As she spoke, viewers took to social media to react to her accent.@lliss19 wrote on Twitter: “Lulu and her transatlantic accent.”@NeilWhelan penned: “As is traditional with these occasions, Lulu's accent has changed between Scottish, American and English at least three times while I've been watching.”@Dan_Harvey74 said: “I see Lulu has decided to be Scottish again when she remembers.”@Lorna_xx put: “Have a drink each time Lulu changes her accent”. It follows after Lulu shared a new TikTok video where she became emotional about the Queen's reign.The clip showed the star reminiscing over attending the Queen’s Coronation when she was four years old. Lulu began crying as she recalled the moment she was asked to sing a song by her late father. While addressing her 5,600 followers, she said: “I remember the Queen's Coronation. “I was four years old and there was a street party in my home Glasgow where I come from.“And I remember being on my dad's shoulders and singing a song for the Queens Coronation. “It went down really well, went down a storm and I was a star for the day on the street.” Lulu then sang the song In A Golden Coach by Dickie Valentine.While she was singing the two verses, she became emotional for her viewers to see.She was on the verge of tears when she said: “Happy Platinum Jubilee