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Pakistan deploys new armed rollerblade police to fight muggers on mopeds

police department’s new rollerblade squad.Farrukh Ali Lanjhar, chief of the unit, explaining that the armed officers on rollerblades were uniquely well-equipped to chase thieves on motorcycles through the seaport city’s crowded streets.“We felt we needed to come up with an innovative approach to control street crime,” he explained.He added that while some areas of the city would remain off-limits due to the poor road conditions and uneven footpaths, central areas where the highest rates of street crime were recorded were ideal for the rollerblade patrols.“Foot patrolling is an extremely tedious job,” he said. “Roller-skates will give us an edge to chase and apprehend (criminals).Aneela Aslam, one of the new rollerblade cops, told Reuters:.

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