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'Over the Moon': Film Review

Take The Wizard of Oz, add a touch of Up, a splash of Frozen and toss well with the cultural specificity of a Coco and you’ll get a reasonable facsimile of Over the Moon, a CG-animated musical fantasy that still manages to infuse sufficient charm and genuine warmth into the inescapable familiarity.

Finding folkloric lift-off in the Chinese legend of Chang’e, the Goddess of the Moon, the contemporary update is buoyed by director Glen Keane’s richly detailed visuals and an energetic voice cast headed by Cathy Ang, Phillipa Soo and Ken Jeong — even if the film lands somewhat shy of its destination.

Overall, it makes for a nice, audience-friendly fit on Netflix, where it will make its exclusive global debut on Oct. 23, coinciding with this.

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