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OnlyFans star stunned to discover why all naked Greek statues have small penises

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OnlyFans star baffled by why all famous naked Greek statues have small penises has made a rather intriguing discovery.Ruby Reign, who posts on TikTok as @rubysaysthings, explained that small penis was once seen as more dignified than men with large appendages who were seen as barbaric in comparison.The busty beauty, known on OnlyFans as badbabyrubez, made two videos on the subject, reaching more than 420,000 likes across them both.

In her first video, she said: "Have you ever wondered why so many of the ancient Greek statues have colossal muscular physiques and yet a tiny package?

Well, I have, so I did some digging."I found this quote from the Greek playwright that stated that the ideal of barrel beauty was a gleaming chest, bright skin, broad shoulders, tiny tongue, strong buttocks, and a tiny prick."Meanwhile large appendages were depicted rather negatively in ancient Greece like this bad boy right here.

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