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On Giving Day, MPTF Is Asking For Help To Continue Helping Those In Need

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EXCLUSIVE: Today is Giving Day at the Motion Picture & Television Fund – a day on which it celebrates the 101st anniversary of its first donation.

But on this Giving Day, the MPTF is sending out an urgent call so that it can continue to help industry professionals in need.By the end of this year, MPTF’s Covid-related expenses will have topped $9 million since the start of the pandemic, pushing its cash reserves into “the critical zone.” So it’s asking the industry to “step up,” either through donations or by volunteering.“We’d love to see the average industry worker commit a little bit of money every month to making sure that this place is around when they need us in the future, or when the people who work on the set with them need us in the future,” MPTF president and CEO Bob Beitcher told Deadline. “People shouldn’t just assume that this place is going to be here forever because it’s only here thanks to the generosity of industry members, and it can’t be just a few super generous people.

It has to come from everyone.”MPTF Chief Development Officer Courteney Bailey told Deadline: “Giving Day is about celebrating the past 101 years, which is truly remarkable, and it’s about our vision of the future.

I want everyone to know that this is a place that is like their alma mater. There’s a lot going on in this world and there’s a lot of instability in life, but this is the most incredible industry on the planet.

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