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Notorious 5'8 football hooligan KO'd five people in a nightclub with one punch each

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gangster from Salford known as "One Punch Doyle" has been released from jail on licence after serving half of his 16-year prison sentence for trying to flood the north west with drugs.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Paul Doyle, 64, has now returned to Salford and has pledged to help young people stay away from crime, and not follow in his footsteps.READ MORE: Lag stamped to death in brutal gangland prison hit — but it was only to 'humiliate him'In 2015 he was jailed for plotting to import huge quantities of class A drugs worth £300 million to the north west, but says he is now a reformed man.

Before he was snared by cops, Doyle lived the high life in an £800,000 home in the leafy suburbs of Altrincham, Greater Manchester with his wife falesley claiming she was a CEO of a high-flying company raking in £200,000 a year.The couple struggled to pay the £3,000 per month mortgage repayments while Doyle was a small time drug dealer.He then upped the stakes, getting involved with massive wholesaler drug deals between 2012 and 2014, unaware that his actions were being closely followed by surveillance teams up and down the country.They eventually raided his swish home in 2014 where he was arrested.

In the 1970s, 5ft 8ins Doyle rose to infamy one night at Pips nightclub in Manchester when he knocked out five people with five punches who had not seriously underestimated his fighting skills, earning him the nickname "One Punch Doyle".

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