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Nine bombshells from Wagatha case day four as Rooney claims Vardy 'wanted to be famous'

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Coleen Rooney began giving evidence and Rebekah Vardy finished hers on the fourth day of the pair's Wagatha Christie High Court battle on Friday (May 13).The 36-year-old accused Vardy of leaking stories about her in October 2019.Rooney uploaded several fake stories to her private Instagram account in a bid to find out who was “betraying” her before revealing it on Twitter in her now-infamous Wagatha Christie post.Vardy denies the allegations and is suing Rooney, the wife of England star Wayne, for libel.Here are nine things we learned from today's hearing:Rooney said in her witness statement that Vardy “certainly stuck out to me as being someone who actively wanted to be famous” and used a “common tactic” of staging paparazzi shots.She also said she had “never had an issue” with Vardy and the pair “got on fine”.But she said Vardy was “keen to be friendly with me and she was trying too hard and it was a bit too much”.She went on to say that, in hindsight, she believes messages Vardy sent to her were “fishing” for information and thought being close to her would “help her own interests”.Giving evidence, Rooney said she had never rowed with a WAG before.Rooney also said she does not claim Vardy leaked the information for money and added: “I have been around for long enough to know that there are various reasons why celebrities would want to maintain a positive relationship with tabloid journalists.

Most importantly, to help unfavourable stories from coming to light and to assist with self-promotion.”Rooney said she was in a “vulnerable situation” when an article in The Sun referenced a picture she had put on her private Instagram of Wayne and the kids at home.Giving evidence, Rooney said: “I didn't know how my marriage was.

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