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NFL fan dumped by girlfriend after TV cameras catch him in stands with "side chick"

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NFL fan was spotted at a televised game in “4k” with a girl, leaving his now-former partner absolutely fuming.An American Football meme account posted a screenshot of the woman’s post, where she claims that the man in the image with his arm around a girl at a Dallas Cowboys game was her boyfriend and that his appearance at the match crossed over with her relationship with her.She wrote in a scathing post: “Hi everyone.

Yes this is my trash ex who is a serial cheater and that is his side chick. We are no longer together and we haven’t been for a while but he continues to lie all day every day just like he lied about this trip when he swore it was a guy’s trip.“He also told me he had cut this cute girl off but clearly that was another lie.

I normally wouldn’t post my business but my phone is blowing up and while I appreciate you guys sending me this picture I don’t need to see it anymore.”The story has gone viral, meanwhile, with fans mocking the man for being caught out in such an extensive way.The initial tweet read: “Lmao this dude was caught in 4K at the game with his side chick.

Two L’s in one day.”One wrote: “What did you do for him to take the side chick to a NFL Playoffs game that is Nationally Broadcasted?!?!!!”Can you remember any other caught-on-TV sports stories?

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