Neymar pockets eye-watering £430,000-a-month bonus due to unusual PSG contract clause

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El Mundo have leaked some of the finer details of his new contract in a truly hair-raising report.In order to earn just shy of half a million pounds each month, it is claimed that all Neymar has to do is be 'courteous, punctual, friendly, and available to fans.'The 29-year-old must also 'have the courtesy to greet fans before and after each game'.He also must avoid making any negative comments on the tactics employed by the manager.Neymar has hit out at PSG's management of him in the past, slamming the decision to throw him back in the team after a spell on the sidelines for a Champions League tie against Borussia Dortmund in February last year.What would you do if you earned an extra £430,000 a month?

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