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Ole Gunnar Solskjaer
Ole Gunnar Solskjær KSO (Norwegian pronunciation: (About this soundlisten); born 26 February 1973) is a Norwegian professional football manager and former player. He is currently the manager of English club Manchester United. As a player, he played as a forward and spent most of his career with Manchester United. Solskjær also supervises a training academy for young footballers in his home town of Kristiansund, and is a patron of the Manchester United Supporters' Trust.
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NASA warns asteroid bigger than Edinburgh Castle to enter Earth's orbit this week

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NASA has warned an asteroid bigger than Edinburgh Castle is heading towards Earth's orbit this week. The space rock - which is larger than the popular Scottish landmark - will make a close approach to our planet and could be up to 220 metres wide.

The asteroid, labelled 2008 GO20 is much bigger than Edinburgh Castle that stands at at 135 metres. It will fly through the Earth's orbit safely next Saturday, July 24 at 8:35pm here in the UK.The orbit is classified under the term "Apollo", which is described as a near-Earth asteroid that crosses our orbit similar to that of 1862's Apollo.Despite the proximity to Earth, there is an extremely low chance that it would make contact with the Earth's surface.The asteroid will pass by Earth safely at a.

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