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Mystery of priceless 'Amber Room' looted by Hitler's troops may finally be solved

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Daily Star's biggest headlines straight to your inbox!A 77-year mystery of a priceless artwork made of amber panels backed with gold leaf and mirrors, may, at last, be solved.The Amber Room, a unique set of panels, designed to line a room in a royal palace, was given to Russian Tsar Peter the Great by his ally Frederick William I of Prussia in the 18th Century.It was looted by advancing German troops as they took possession of Leningrad in 1941 and shipped to Königsberg Castle in eastern Prussia.As the tide of the Second World War changed, and Russian troops began closing in on Hitler’s Germany, the irreplaceable artifact disappeared and its whereabouts remain unknown.Some believe it was destroyed when the RAF bombed Königsberg in 1944, or.

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