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‘My mother-in-law wants to gatecrash our holiday – how do I turn her down gently?’

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– ReluctantWe don’t know you, your wife, your mother-in-law or her “new man” but we do know that it is in the interest of everyone to make this work.

That’s the bald truth. You are going to have to try to spend time with this person. It may be intense… and then it may be less intense.

Maybe it will settle into a comfortable situation. Maybe it will even get cosy. Or it might not. But you owe it to your mother-in-law at least to take a really good look at this new man.

There was a time when she had to take a really good look at you and it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight.New relationships for your parental figures are never not going to have an uncomfortable settling-in stage.

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