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Mum diagnosed with cancer after docs spent 5 years saying symptoms were all in her head


cancer. Kay Richards says she was told her symptoms, including body aches, weight loss and a persistent sore throat, were all due to anxiety and depression.Kay was referred to a counsellor, but says she never doubted she had a medical problem: ”I knew it wasn't anxiety.

Every day I felt so bad. I couldn't have possibly been making my symptoms up."I couldn't get out of bed in the morning until I took my painkillers.

I felt awful." "My gut feeling," she told the Daily Record, "was that it was something sinister. She continued: ”I just wanted to be taken seriously and to be properly investigated.

I didn't need a counsellor. I needed a thorough scan."Eventually Kay, 40, decided to pay for a private consultation at Glasgow's BMI Ross Hall.

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