‘Mogul Mowgli’ Trailer: Riz Ahmed Stars In A ‘Sound Of Metal’-esque Tale Of Stardom, Hip Hop & Illness

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Earlier this year, Riz Ahmed was Oscar-nominated for his stunning lead performance in the music drama “Sound Of Metal,” and in many ways, that should boost your excitement for a somewhat similar music drama, “Mogul Mowgli.” But the timing of this indie couldn’t be better because now the anticipation for the film has to be even higher: award-winning filmmaker Bassam Tariq, the “Mogul Mowgli” director, has been chosen to direct Marvel’s “Blade,” which has got to be a big co-sign on ‘Mowgli’ considering not that many people have seen it and Tariq really hasn’t made a lot of more notable films other than the celebrated indie doc “These Birds Walk” (which earned Tariq the title of a Filmmaker to watch by Filmmaker Magazine).

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