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Miracle puppy born with six legs and two tails in world first is 'happy and healthy'

puppy born with six legs and two tails is defying the odds as her owners reveal she is growing up "happy and healthy".Skipper, an Aussie Border Collie mix, was born six days ago at Neel Veterinary Hospital in Oklahoma City, US.Vets thought she was going to have a littermate but the two foetuses didn't properly separate in utero and she is believed to be the first canine ever born alive with her condition.All of Skipper's legs move and respond to stimulus and she is eating and growing normally, though she may need physical therapy and mobility assistance when she gets older, the Mail Online reports.Skipper has a pair of congenital conjoining disorders called monocephalus dipygus and monocephalus rachipagus dibrachius tetrapus, meaning she.

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