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Mike Posner Reveals the 'Dumbest' Advice He Was Given While Launching His Music Career - Listen Now!

Mike Posner is opening up about his career and how important being a songwriter is to him. The 33-year-old “Please Don’t Go” singer is the latest guest on the Spout podcast and he admitted that he would never win any vocal competitions, which is why his songwriting skills are so important to him. Mike was asked about an interview he previously gave in which he said someone told him he’d be more successful if he let other people do the songwriting for him. “If I went on American Idol, I’d lose in the first round, you know.

No one really listens to me for like my vocal runs or anything like that. I’m a great songwriter, you know. In my opinion, I’m one of the best ones we have right now, but clearly I’m biased, you know, so it was just

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