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MH370 breakthrough as plane 'set off radio tripwires confirming new location'

Malaysia Airlines flight 370 took a new twist this week with the emergence of new information from MH370 expert Richard Godfrey.

Godfrey has proposed the use of Weak Signal Propagation (WSPR) logs to map the last moments of the doomed Boeing 777-200’s flight.WSPR – pronounced "whisper" – is an invisible grid of radio signals that spans the globe.

As aircraft pass through this grid they set off “digital tripwires” that betray their position.“WSPR is like a bunch of tripwires or laser beams, but they work in every direction over the horizon to the other side of the globe,” Godfrey writes.“JORN or any Over-The-Horizon-Radar is similar to WSPR," he adds. "it also uses HF radio waves that bounce off the ionosphere and is effectively a very.

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