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Love Island fans confused by editing blunder as Kaz ‘appears from nowhere’ mid-scene

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LOVE Island viewers were left scratching their heads last night when Kaz appeared as if by magic in the middle of a scene. Hugo, Aaron and Liam were discussing the double dumping of AJ and Danny on the outdoor beds immediately after the dramatic event.

As the conversation was wrapping up and Liam got up to leave, Kaz suddenly appeared lying in the middle of the bed. The only issue is, she hadn't been part of the trio's chat or even been seen anywhere in shot during it.

But the way she was laid comfortably inbetween the boys suggested she'd been there for some time. One viewer wrote on Twitter: "How did the boys magic Kaz in there!!" Another said: "Anyone else notice Kaz magically pop up on the bed when Liam Aaron and Hugo got up???" A third.

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