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Loose Women's Linda Robson slams 'disgusting' Peter Andre 'chipolata' jokes

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Loose Women panelist Linda Robson has slammed Rebekah Vardy's comment about Peter Andre's manhood and branded the jibe as "disgusting".Linda was joined by host Kaye Adams and fellow panellists Katie Piper and Nadia Sawalha.Kaye opened the show by playing a clip from singer Peter Andre in which he addressed the harsh quip made by Rebekah.After the video played, Linda went on to say that it was "disgusting" to comment on someone's anatomy in such a way, which the rest of the panel agreed with.She said: "God bless him, I think it's terrible.

Absolutely terrible. I feel for his wife, his kids, it's just embarrassing. What a terrible thing to say. If it was the other way round, if someone was to say a remark like that about a part of our body, it would be exactly the same.

Disgusting, honestly."Linda ended by saying that Rebekah "should be ashamed of herself". Kaye said that she "absolutely agrees with her" while Nadia reflected on a recent situation where she "felt uncomfortable" as one of her friends made a similar joke.She went on to say that "people need to be more careful" as they "make a joke of it" and Katie joined in the conversation.She said that we "are getting better as a culture" but that "manning up" and "taking everything as a joke" or "on the chin" is hurtful.Fans took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the matter.One said: "Joking about looks isn’t banter.

It’s bullying and can really affect someone."Another wrote: "People don’t realise that words are weapons," while a fan said that Peter Andre is "so right" about the situation.This is a live TV story and is being constantly updated.

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