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Loose Women’s Linda Robson holds her head in her hands as she swears live on air yet again

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LOOSE Women's Linda Robson was left red-faced as she swore live on air yet again. The 63-year-old panellist had been talking about the heat wave and if staff should get a day off when it's hot when Linda let the naughty word slip.

Host Kaye Adams asked Linda if she was keeping cool. "Yeah, nice and cool," she answered. Kaye asked: "Got your fan under there?" "No I haven't I wish I had," Linda said before pointing at Brenda. "I'll have her fan in a minute!

No, I don't think we should have a day off. "I mean, I love the sun. When I got up this morning and the sun was shining I thought, oh I can't be a**ed to go into work today." Realising her slip up, Linda made a face as she continued: "I mean, I can't be bothered to go into work today.".

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