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Kim Kardashian Wore the Baggiest Thigh-High Boots You've Ever Seen

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. Or when she wrapped her entire person in Balenciaga hazard tape. Her morph suit? That was close too. But Kim’s most recent look—worn to swing by her office, where a slew of paps just happened to be waiting to photograph the businesswoman exiting her custom Lamborghini—showed her unwavering commitment to elevating even the most mundane of day-to-day outfits into a “moment.”Her workwear on Tuesday, November 22 went a little something like this: a Balenciaga X Adidas Lurex sweater with matching running shorts that gave off a sporty roller disco-ready vibe, paired with over-the-knee wader-style stiletto boots and a leather trench (also both ’ciaga) that brought The Matrix’s Orpheus into the equation.

There was a lot to unpack. This content can also be viewed on the site it from.Anyone watching The Kardashians will know the level of curation that went into this fleeting street style moment, from the glittering Hourglass bag that matches her sparkly polo-neck (the KarJenners live for a coordinating accessory) to the dark selfie backdrop to make all that Lurex pop. (Also, who catches up on paperwork in hot pants at night?) Kardashian proved here that , but she’s still a dedicated Demna disciple who’s firmly in her Balenciaga phase.

Earlier in the day, she even swapped her failsafe Yeezy slides for a pair of the French brand’s flip flops.If Kim Kardashian’s previous out-there ensembles have inspired debates about to get into dresses and pulling all-nighters in the name of radical, temporary beauty transformations, this low-key mid-week shoot makes us wonder when it became ok to spend thousands on quick-fire social content—and why everyone's still buying into it?

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