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Join the greyvolution! Why grey hair is the new way to age fearlessly

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The structured bobHairstylist Zoe Irwin says, ‘If you are going full grey, your cut needs to be a part of the equation.

People tend to go softer as they grow older but sharper lines actually work better. Go for something above the shoulder (as has Helen Mirren), and consider your eyewear too – bolder glasses, for example, add that element of contrast.’Glossy and textured ‘Waves, coils and curls need nourishment from leave-in conditioning products.

Use a diffuser and twist your curls with a styling cream before drying to make the silver strands pop,’ says Zoe. Take inspiration from Blythe Danner.Slicked-back cropZoe says, ‘Short hair looks stronger with silver hair.

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