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John Humphrys: What I learnt from 18 years on Mastermind

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persuaded me to sit in that black chair.But they emailed back: I had misunderstood. They didn’t want me to answer the questions, they wanted me to ask them.

Would I present Mastermind?Why, of course! Getting paid to read out questions that I hadn’t even had to think of for myself, and for which I had all the answers on the card in front of me.

And I even got to approve the questions. Not for their accuracy – quiz programmes like Mastermind buy their questions from specialist companies and get the answers vetted – but I like to think I made them a little less long-winded.So that’s what I did for the next 18 years.

If Celebrity Mastermind and Junior Mastermind are included in the reckoning I have probably asked more questions than any other Mastermind host...

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