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Ioan Gruffudd Allegedly Claiming Alice Evans Is A 'Neglectful Parent' As Divorce Turns Vicious!

Oof, as if this divorce wasn’t messy enough, now it’s come to a low point: using the kids against one another. If you haven’t been following this sad saga, Titanic alum Ioan Gruffudd — perhaps best known as the star of those terrible early 2000s Fantastic Four movies — left his family in January.

The whole thing came as a shock as the Welsh actor apparently abandoned his wife and two daughters out of nowhere. The reason we know all this?

His wife, actress Alice Evans, has been wildly candid about the entire experience. We’re only getting her side, but it has not looked good for Ioan — who frankly appears to be going through a midlife crisis in which he’s trying to recapture his youth as a f**kboy, complete with another woman.

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